Magnificent 7 websites for……organising your life

Modern life can be chaotic and stressful. There’s always so much to think about, remember and organise. Sometimes it all gets too much. Never fear -it’s NMTBP to the rescue with our top 7 websites to help you bring order to the chaos!

Our Magnificent seven are:


This website is like a clutter-busting boot camp and this doesn’t only include the pile on your desk. Orgjunkie helps you in recalibrating your views and practices on how you organise yourself and remain stress free. Whether it’s the storage solutions that you need, or help in organising daily or weekly menus or it is managing your calendar, Orgjunkie has it all. Undoubtedly one of the best websites to help you organise your life!


Mint is a free online money organiser that lets you view all of your financial accounts in one place, provides budgeting tools that help determine where it would be easiest to cut spending, and help you set saving goals. There are also mobile apps so you can manage your money from the convenience of your smartphone.  You’ll know exactly where your money is going so there are no excuses! Since Mint automatically categorises your spending, you can clearly see from a pretty pie chart whether you’re spending too much on things like food shopping or clothing. Once you notice that you’re overspending, you can make a conscious decision to cut down on your spending, which will save you money in the long run

Life Organizers

Life Organizers is your one-stop destination for home and office organisation. Hundreds of articles and tips give you fresh, easy ideas on how to rid clutter from every part of your life. From the garage to the kitchen, the home office to the spirit, learn how to organise anything and everything - today! By reading one article each day and putting suggestions into action, you can master the art of organisation and bring order to a cluttered, chaotic world – or at least your corner of it!

Password Dragon

Password Dragon is a Password Manager that works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The application is very intuitive, user friendly and easy to use. It’ secure - you can store all your userid, password, url, notes, custom attributes etc. in an encrypted file. All you need to do is remember only the master password. It works  on Windows, Mac and Unix


Springpadit offers you a quick and easy ways to save and store anything worth remembering — from ideas, phone numbers, notes, photos, recipes you accidentally find online and even barcodes of items you want to buy. View this as an online notebook where you can scribble anything. You can even partition your life into different notebooks like home, office, school, holidays, shopping, fun, friends etc and keep writing into each of them. There’s a digital inspiration board where you can visually organise a lot of things like your backyard design etc. Springpadit is a practical online tool to help you stay organized no matter how chaotic your daily routine


The king of online calendars, 30boxes.com allows you to publish, collaborate as well as share your personal schedule/calendar with anyone you want. It is very user-friendly and is much more visually pleasing than the messy and jumbled family calendar hanging on your wall. It is an effective tool to help you stay organised and remember all your important events and tasks. Another solid feature of this website is the ability to upload and share pictures, which come in handy to people who prefer to remember things visually


It’s all here - Checklist have createdall the checklists you’ll ever need. All you need to do is customise them to meet your specific needs. Add or remove tasks, set due dates and reminders and share with friends. Or just use them as is. Checklists will help you prepare for any event life throws at you

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January 27, 2012

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