Magnificent 7 websites for……adventure

Whether you want updates on expeditions going on all over the globe, you’re itching to launch an adventure of your own, or you just need a little dose of inspiration to get through the day, our Magnificent 7 adventure websites will point you in the right direction

1. WorldHum.com compiles the best travel stories on the Internet so you don’t have to surf for them. You’ll find quirky, off-the-beaten-track tales here, including Confessions of an Introverted Traveller and  an Interview with Henry Rollins : Punk Rock World Traveller

2. National Geographic Adventure is the online reincarnation of the print magazine, which folded last year. Look here for travel, adventure, and survival news. Their new intelligent travel blog is also worth checking out

3. For regular updates on mountain climbing expeditions, polar explorers, solo sailors and other modern-day adventurers, subscribe to the excellent Adventure Blog

4. Explorersweb.com is your go-to site for updates on every conceivable type of expedition happening all over the globe. It’s also your jumping-off point into the personal blogs of the explorers themselves, plus lots of great interviews

5. SheJumps.org is an organization that provides mentoring and bonding opportunities within the women’s adventure community. Their website profiles gutsy women who are taking the adventure world by storm, and sharing their passion with the next generation of female adventurers

6. To get great travel ideas from people who are out exploring right now, go to the online version of Lonely Planet travel guides, lonelyplanet.com. Check out their Thorn Tree travel forum if you have specific questions about travel plans that you need answered.  Useful articles such as How to haggle in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and How to plan a Round the World trip

7. Gadling.com boasts an eclectic mixture of travel stories from all over the globe. Click on the interactive world map to find posts from your favourite continent

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