It’s never too late for……Archery

Archery enthusiasts will tell you that you have to be a special kind of person to take up archery. After all, it would seem to be going against the grain to learn to use a weapon that has been rendered obsolete by the use of modern day guns and technology. However, if you look closer, you will find that archery offers a great deal that other sports simply lack in comparison. NMTBP investigates reasons to take up archery

It’s something novel and original. With so many hobbies and activities to choose from, archery certainly is a unique choice. Many people have not experienced archery since their days of past summer and scout camps. For this reason, the opportunity to try out this sport will get your creative juices flowing as you try to learn how to shoot like the best. With currently only few people experienced with archery, you’re sure to have an interesting conversation topic when people find out you have taken up the sport.

It lets you try your luck as a modern day Robin Hood. For traditionalists, archery is a great way to see how past ancestors lived while trying their luck with a bow and arrow. This can be an initially humbling experience which will give you a new found respect of what your past ancestors have done, but also great satisfaction in knowing you too can master this skill

It’s not as physically intensive as some other sports. Although archery does require some physical strength, compared to other sports, it’s less physically intensive. Many people who’ve lost the use of their legs have been able to stay active because of archery. This aspect of the sport has great appeal for those who like to compete, but aren’t necessarily as interested in risking injury or a serious sweat in more physically intensive activities

It can be challenging or it can be for fun. You get to control how competitive and challenging you want the sport to be. You can enter into contests that match your talent against other archers or you can practice for fun and not keep score. Whatever your competitive desires are, you will be sure to like the advantage of being able to go outdoors and let a few arrows fly. What you do beyond this, will be up to you

Forms of Archery

Target Archery - is the current Olympic form of the sport. This popular form of archery takes place on flat terrain and consists of shooting a given number of arrows, known as a round, at targets over distances of up to 100 yards for men and 80 yards for women. Juniors have their own special shorter distances depending on age. Indoor archery with its smaller target faces and closer distances is very popular during the winter months

Field Archery - takes place on a course of targets set out in rough country (often woodland). The shooting distances are frequently unmarked so that archers have to rely on judgement and instinct, particularly if they elect to shoot without sighting aids or with the traditional longbow

Clout Archery - Similar to target, except that the archer attempts to drop arrows at long range (180 yards for the men and 140 yards for women) into a series of circular scoring zones on the ground surrounding a marker flag

Flight Archery - A form of archery that can only take place where space permits since archers compete by shooting for sheer distance

How to get started?

Archery in Britain is run by the sport’s national governing body, Archery GB which is based at Lilleshall, near Newport, Shropshire. All clubs come under the Archery GB umbrella, and all members are also registered members of Archery GB (membership is just under 32,000 - record levels)

There are a number of ways you can get involved in archery. The first thing is to contact your local club - this is very straightforward, just follow Club Finder

Nearly all clubs are run by volunteers and so you would normally contact them in the evening, although many clubs have their own website where you’re likely to find an email address

The joy of archery is in its simplicity and complexity. At its base level, it is simply a bow and arrow, but to use these tools well, takes practice and a desire to improve. This fascinating dichotomy is what pulls more and more people into the sport each year and is why you will end up enjoying it too

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