Christmas party games for grown ups

Everyone loves Christmas. This festive holiday typically stretches for an entire season, with all sorts of events and gatherings for families and friends to get together and spend some quality time with each other. What better way to have fun than by playing some adult Christmas party games while the kids are busy with their new toys? The internet is bursting with suggestions for free Christmas games that can be played at a small get-together, or a much larger event

Bowtie Products

This is a simple website that has seven entertaining Christmas games. Each game can be downloaded in a PDF or simply copied and pasted into a document. The games are a mixture of anagrams, movie trivia, picture puzzles, and song questions. You will soon find yourself singing carols just to work out the answers to each question. It’s great fun.

Reindeer Land

This is an amusing website with loads of festive games. All of the games have detailed step-by-step directions as well as instructions about the objective of the game and any equipment that is needed to play. Plus, there are many free printable pieces that will help. You can choose a festive edition of the old favorite, Bingo. The Xmas Bingo Party Game can be played by as few as two players or as many teams as you like. This makes it perfect for all sorts of gatherings

Coolest Holiday Parties

As its name suggests, this site has a collection of some really cool games that are great for adults. But, they can also be enjoyed by older children, too. A particularly enjoyable game is Blind Christmas Tree Ripping, where everyone holds a large green sheet of paper behind his or her back and tries to tear it into the shape of a Christmas tree. Then, you must decorate your paper tree before it is judged by the other players. Other games include Holiday Sausages and Relay with Kisses. This fun site also has ideas for Christmas party invitations, thank you cards, and Christmas snacks and drinks

Party Games Etc

Party Games Etc is a very coloruful site that not only offers free adult Christmas party games, but other games suitable for different ages as well as different themes. A fee is charged for some of the games, but there are over 30 games that are completely free. These include Three Legged Reindeer Race and Santa Pants. The site also sells party supplies. Party Games Etc is a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need for your Christmas get-together

Free Party Games

Be warned - some of the games on this site are a little risque and the play could end up getting quite raucous, especially when everyone is in the Christmas spirit. These include Kissing Tag and some games geared toward holiday office parties. The site also has a wide selection of games for other occasions such as college bashes, birthday celebrations, and kids parties

Everyone wants to have some fun during the Christmas season. Party games are a traditional part of many Christmas Day celebrations and every year, hosts and hostesses are in search of new game ideas. These sites will provide plenty of suggestions. Whether your guest list includes a family of five or 50, these games are sure to be fun and festive. Enjoy!

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