Classic Album covers : Post - Björk

Post is the third studio album by Björk. It was released in June 1995

Björk named the album Post for two reasons. First, she saw Debut and Post as a series; the songs on Debut were written before her move to England, while the songs on Post were written after moving to England and dealt with her experiences there. Second, she saw the album as posting her feelings - “for me, all the songs on the album are like saying, ‘listen, this is how I’m going'”)

Originally, the album cover for Post was going to be a photo of Björk surrounded by silver balls with her tongue extended towards a falling silver ball

This idea was dropped and Paul White of Me Company suggested surrounding Björk with massive postcards, indicating the communication with her friends and family through the post

“The motivation behind it was her desire to be surrounded by her possessions from home,” said White. “She felt very isolated from everything in Iceland while recording the album. She was away from friends and family and communicating with them via messages. Post was about her state of mind - remote communication and a sense of awe and surprise at the changes in her life after the success of her first album”

The garishly colourful blur of a background (orange and pink are notoriously difficult for designers to bring off) is meant to symbolize both flying postcards and a tumbling house of cards. Meanwhile, Björk remains still, with the airmail braiding around her jacket communicating her longing for home

The cover image for the album was photographed by Stéphane Sednaoui in the London streets. The booklet and packaging were designed by the collaborator Me Company who also designed the artwork for the album’s singles.Martin Gardiner modelled the lotus flower used in the album’s booklet and packaging, while the jacket Björk wears on the cover, crafted from envelope paper called Tjvek, was designed by Hussein Chalayan, who Björk modelled for in September 1995

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